sound clear &

460 million people are listening.  Where is your brand in that ocean?

This is a boutique operation designing sound-first advertising for podcast and radio, but that’s beside the point

the point is your customer

My approach is a simple set of rules that can have an infinite amount of expressions—The best creative strategies are.

together, we explore


What sounds and voices influence a “that’s me” reaction in your ideal customer?


What sounds relate to the universal human needs your customer wants to fulfill?

questions Like these illustrate the heart of how we CAN achieve sonic theater that sells.

it’s how we approach

writing Script Copy

Copywriting is a form of sorcery.  It’s a good thing we’re wizards. Wizards who love to copywrite.  That is all.

Sourcing voices

Not to sound anti-woke: but yes, ethnicity, accent, gender, tone, and pacing all play a role in how your audience identifies.

choosing music

(Or not choosing music).  Sometimes direct is best, but sometimes we want to slip deeper into emotion.

painting sfx

Sounds signify subjects, and subjects make associations, and associations help your audience “get it” —beyond the script.

Direct one-on-one collaboration from start to finish

Personalized scope & service

Pay in steps upon satisfaction, not with up front risk

All sounds are royalty free.  Custom creations and specialized licensing available upon request

As many multi-length versions as you need

Easy revision markup with

11th-hour script changes with state of the art AI voice synthesis, and our editing skills.

Mastered perfectly for streaming

Even though the world around is changing at alarming rates, there are two things that will remain: in-ear entertainment—for all the times life needs our other senses, and the funnel of your business.  Let’s get your message clear so you can connect with your customers.

how about some case studies?

Note: these are for demonstration purposes only, I did not create these particular ads, but I do think they’re brilliant


Why is this awesome?
  1. Uber knows their target market for driver acquisition are Americans who speak english, and yet have an eccentric accent.  The voices immediately call out a particular demographic.

  3.  Uber taps into the universal desires for autonomy and security.  it’s in the script copy saying “I’m the boss” and it’s in the cash register sound signifying money, which is everyone’s favorite strategy for security.

    3. The call to action comes quick, is easy to remember, and is a reminder of what they want the listener to remember — that they’re the boss.  Think of how lame it would be if it said “visit”


Why is this awesome?

It’s not because the sound quality is the best.  it’s not because their edits are clean (they’re not).  It’s because they split their add into 3 parts, and hooked the listener into a story that develops throughout the show;  it’s podcast inception, and it’s brilliant.


Why is this awesome?

Now, this is an Ad that is developed and delivered by the podcaster themselves, but there’s a couple of reasons why it was up for a Webby award.

Partly because it’s cute as a button…

And partly because they illustrate (through dialogue) what people REALLY care about:  Connection, memories,  partnership, warmth, intimacy.  It’s all wrapped up in a precious moment between mother and daughter.

Nobody cares about berries.  Everyone cares about how they can use berries to make memories.